Sunday, December 08, 2019

Dancing Transformation

Dancing Transformation

I’m thrilled to say I lost 3 pounds last week (45.8 so far) due to myWW Purple Plan and dancing in lines. I have now progressed from non-dancer status to getting a standing ovation from my whole line dancing class. Let me explain: Paul, my instructor, was dancing the Country Waltz (my favorite line dance) with me, while the rest of the class danced solo. Paul is the only male in our class, therefore he’s very much in demand as a partner (lucky me).

As Paul and I one, two, threed our way from Texas to the big Montana sky (dancing to Say Goodbye to Montana) I lost myself in the music and movement. When the song ended, the whole class erupted in applause. Does it count as a standing ovation if everyone is already standing? Does it count as applause for me if the students typically clap at the end of a dance? Did I look like an idiot when I thanked the crowd for acknowledging my progress and they were just randomly clapping? It doesn’t matter! I did NOT look like an idiot while dancing in public and having the time of my life.

So again, I thank the person on Connect who suggested that I take a line dancing class. I also started attending a senior swing class with some Latin rhythms. Stay tuned for some salsa spiced thoughts.

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