Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Mush, you Huskies!

I believe a winner has been declared for the 2012 Iditarod. Dallas Seavey (25), no relation to Sandra Seeley (39), mushed into Nome on 3-13-12.

Every year, I think about training for the next Iditarod, just because I like to say that word - it's funny! However, these are the top ten reasons why Ididn'tarod this year:

10. I don't live in Alaska. As Kanela, I actually live on-line inside your head. Also, it's just plain crazy to want to play outside approximately 2 degrees south of the Arctic Circle in bad, bad weather. A wind chill of -100 degrees F can also give you a bad hair day.

9. I refuse to wear a numbered bib that has to be visible at all times. I keep my bib hidden. It only comes out when I'm consuming soup or spaghetti sauce. Bibs are for babies, old people, and sissies like Dallas (Bib #34).

8. I'm addicted to fat free, sugar free, venti French Vanilla Cappuccinos. The Race follows the northern route for 1,112 miles in even numbered years and the southern route for 1,131 miles in odd years. You would think with over 2 thousand miles of trails, there would be at least one Starbucks. I find that odd!

7. It takes 9 to 15 days to finish The Race. I only have two personal days per year at work.

6. Moose, caribou and buffalo frighten me. They take me out of my comfort zone, because they can take me out!

5. I have ISF for the $3,000 US entry fee. I'm also leary of the $50 to $100 fine for tardiness at the rookie meeting or pre-race musher meeting. What if I'm delayed by a moose in need of anger management?

4. I need 15 additional dogs. Note to self: Go shopping!

3. It's quite time consuming to knit booties for 16 dogs. Let's see: 4 booties x 16 dogs = 64 booties. At present, I am certain my dog, Wolfgang, prefers blue booties. How do I determine if my yet to be purchased Huskies will want pink or blue paw protectors?

2. I was deeply involved with training for St. Patrick's Day. McDonald's Shamrock Shakes add weight to my Main Frame, not to mention adding weight to the sled.

1. And the number 1 reason Ididn'tarod was because Wolfgang refused to pee in a cup for the mandatory drug testing. He told me it's downright humiliating, and he has never inhaled an illegal substance in his life!

So looking ahead to March 2013, Wolfgang is getting advice from sissy Dallas' lead dogs, Guinness and Diesel. He's taking swing lessons (another term for lead or point dog). The only problem is, he can't decide on Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, or West Coast Swing. But Wolfgang vows to teach Kanela (in dire need of remedial swing lessons) once he learns the moves. So until we meet again, Happy Southern Trails to you.

Please email entry fee contributions, booties of any size or color, and most importantly, comments of any size or color to musher@sandraseeley.com.

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