Monday, April 10, 2006

Boycott Roman Meal Schwebel Baking Company

Artictle XIV

By Kanela

When was the last time you heard the word "boycott"? I believe it's time to use it again against a company that chose to ignore my ultimatum for justice.

Schwebel Baking Company's insurance people asked me what I wanted for Mother Rose's unfortunate discovery in her Honey & Oat Bran bread.

I said, "$25,000."

They said, "Laughter."

I said, "You asked me what I wanted, not what I thought I would receive."

They said, "Louder laughter."

I said, "I will settle for $2,000. If I don't hear from you by March 24th, I will break my tentative vow of silence."

I believe they scoffed. (Scoffed is a funny word.)

Well all of you people out there in Readerland, I'm hoping you will join me on a Consumer Crusade. Let's show SBC (Schwebel Baking Company) that the keyboard is mightier than the Bread Company. This is for all the times you wanted compensation, but were refused and unable to do anything about it. Call or write Roman Meal, SBC, or Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. Tell them you are not going to buy another loaf of their bread, etc. until they start removing pieces of de-panner equipment from their loaves or until Mother Rose gets compensated. (Price has now gone up to $4,000. Delay is costly. Price will continue to double willy-nilly (funny word).

In addition, you can display the disgusting pictures of their product in the bread aisle of your local supermarket. If we do this nationwide, we may get some results.

Meanwhile, if you would like to start contributing to the Mother Rose Fund, feel free to fax your tax deductible donations to:




Keep in mind that bills work best in a fax machine. We accept Euros also.

You can also e-mail your money to and I will make sure it goes directly to Mother Rose.

This part is for real. Call:

Roman Meal at 1-800-922-0017

Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. at 1-800-437-1266

From this end of the monitor, I will continue the Consumer Crusade until we get compensated for the masses or until I can no longer number my articles in Roman Numerals. Go Consumers!


  1. UGG! I don't think I could ever feel comfortable opening a loaf of Roman Meal again!

  2. I used to buy this bread too until I read your article. Now I will never eat Roman Meal bread again.

  3. did you EAT the bread, I don't think so. So how do you have a claim for $25,000, or $2000 or $4000?. Damages are awarded based upon having been harmed in someway. It is unfortunate that part of the de-panner became detached and ended up in a loaf of bread, certainly no one at Roman Meal or Schwebels would have wanted that to happen. All commercial bakeries I have seen (and I have seen a few) use metal detection for locating foreign objects but unfortunately this part of a depanner is non-metallic. Grow up and stop your bitching you whiny cow. Dragging a good product and companies name down for what passes as "humor" is complete B.S.

  4. Dear Mr./Ms. Schweibel,

    Your logic is flawed. According to you, only people who actually consume filthy, foreign objects the size of Madagascar found in their Roman Meal Bread, are harmed and deserving of compensation.

    My 91 year old Mother who is blind in one eye, is now terrified of bread! In fact, she karate chops every loaf within striking range. It makes eating in public difficult.

    If you found a disgusting depanner in your restaurant food, I'd be willing to bet you would be as vulgar and vocal and not nearly as anonymous as you are in your verbal attack on this Roman Meal Crusader. I'll be emailing you some of Schweibel's Honey Oat Bran Bread with a few surprises tucked inside, to test my theory!

    As for being a whiny cow, I'm actually more like a whiny zebra!

    I think you should digest some yeast and lighten up!

    Onward Roman Meal Crusaders...

    I would have responded sooner, but I was busy reading all of my fan mail generated by your outrageous attack. So far, it's running 99 to 1 in favor of the Crusaders. Did your spouse agree with you?

    Kanela thinks she's humorous!


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