Tuesday, August 03, 2010


For my Prince Charming!

Traveling in Kanela's kingdom, one often encounters the good-natured, but not so bright anthropomorphic species known as humans. That statement is not redundant, it's funny!

For example, Bachelorette Ali was devastated by Frank's betrayal at the 11th hour. Didn't Ali do the exact sudden departure thing to bachelor Jake? And didn't Vienna morph into a sub-human species? Or was Jake too stupid to see early signs of not so brightness? Gawrsh! Reality TV shows are goofy. Kanela only watches them so she can write funny stuff.

Sign at our local YMCA: Dulcimer lessons coming soon. I don't mean to knock our Y or the Appalachian people, but when was the last time you said to yourself, "Golly, I wish I knew how to play the dulcimer"? But then again, our little valley doesn't even have a movie theater, so "stay tuned" for a later report on Dulcimer Lesson #1.

Irresponsible owners of decorative flags hold a special place in Kanela's Divine Comedy: an epic poem without much depth! Allegorically speaking, these self-indulgent flagsters should not be forcing St. Patrick's Day on the unsuspecting public on the day after Valentine's Day. February is a red month; green should not appear until March. And all the other holiday flags should, by royal decree, only appear in their holiday month. These Type A homeowners are committing the sin of premature celebration. As a form of poetic justice, I often leave a copy of Dante's Divine Comedy on their doorstep with an inscription that reveals the ending. They often tell me to go to Inferno! In my best Goofy imitation, I reply, "Ah-hyuck!"

In conclusion, some people see dead people and some people see shapes in the clouds. But my Prince Charming created a magical commute for me between our castle and work. He broke the spell of boredom with a kiss and a Goofy living sculpture using only his imagination. No matter the season, Goofy makes me smile every morning and afternoon. Life is good. And we lived happily ever after. The end.

Send a Goofy shout out, " Yaaaaaaa-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooey!" to Kanela, aka Snow White @ sandraseeley.com. Leave a goofy comment. Just so you know, Prince C. and I are practicing some hilarious spells for non-commenters.

Goofy really is anthropomorphic.



  1. The creative genius of the anthropomorphic mind is very oxymoronic by the literary genius human writer, but has deep ramifications to this humanoid listener. In other words, wow, I have to think about this too much, and it warps my mind.

    Now as far as the Bachelor is concerned, and this is coming from the male perspective, I don't understand how women can get into this show week in, and week out. First off, I have to admit (and proud of it) that I have not watched the Bachelor, but I have heard the reports from my daughter and wife, through their discussions about this person and that person, and it reminds me of a soap opera. I am sorry Kanela, due to the draw of the Bachelor tube hour, and its pull of the A and D female minds, having personally witnessed this on many occasions, heck, I could even set my watch to it, I don't believe you on your statement, "Kanela only watches them so she can write funny stuff."

    Now, I must admit that I am really challenged by your writing. I learn things that I thought I forgot, and I forgot things I can't remember. Like for example, what the heck was/is a dulcimer? Now, after research into the world of dulcimer instruments, I am left wondering if your local YMCA will be teaching the Hammered or the Appalachian Dulcimers? I had to do some research in this area to find that the Appalachian dulcimer, is a fretted, plucked musical instrument which is also referred to as a "mountain dulcimer," "lap dulcimer" "hog fiddle," or just a "dulcimer", whereas the Hammered dulcimer, is a hammer-struck, trapezoid-shaped musical instrument. Wow, the things you learn about that you forgot, and the things you forgot to learn.

    Now remind me again why no one ever says "go to Heaven?" I think that would be funny to say it. I think the person saying it would crack up laughing, just as the person it was being directed to would have a hard time keeping a straight face. No doubt about it, this is backwards thinking in order to go forward, or should I say, I am going forward so I need to think backwards. I think I must really be on a backward path.

    Thanks for sharing the article. I always find your writing stimulating, entertaining, enlightening, and all the other ings.



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