Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Horse Named Guinness

This one's for you, Jim West!

Once upon a "stout"-hearted, soulful-eyed quarterhorse at Rolling Hills Ranch, happy trails beckoned to a group of urban urchins of the 3rd and 4th grade variety and me. While I was enjoying the sound of creaking leather, the feel of raw horse power beneath me and fantasizing about the intrepid Wagon Train scout, Flint McCullough, and Irish warriors like George Clooney and Richard Gere, my summer school students were fascinated with the equine farts and dumps. It was like Pittsburgh Public meets an animal!

But getting back to my fantasies, once I did the arthritic two-step(used a 2 step stool to mount Guinness), my legs were young again. For one solid hour, I was able to climb over hills and dales with nary a stumble or pain in the knees. Guinness, bless her heart, was confused by the sudden appearance of dales, but she managed to navigate better on four feet than I could ever do on two. One little dale even followed me home!

I'm proud to say that I am committed to responsible riding and can legally enjoy Guinness even though my youthful appearance might fool you. I urge all of you novice equestrians to also ride responsibly. My 3 main suggestions are:
1. Let the horse with the most seniority drink at the water trough first.
2. Don't say "Yee Haw" or "Giddy Up" when a horse is attending to personal business.
3. Don't scream like a ninny if you become frightened by anything your horse or your body does. It will not calm him. Trust me.

In conclusion, I can honestly say that "Guinness was Good for Me" and the pint waiting at home wasn't bad either.

"Happy trails to you until we meet again."

If you have any additional responsible riding tips or comments, please Email Kanela Clooney. She can be reached at Irresponsible riding tips can be Emailed to my evil twin, Kanela Clooney. We're identical!

Draughts, widgets and cheers!


  1. I have to give you an "A" when using my Blog Rubrics scale to grade you.

    Jim West's Blog Writing Assessment and Evaluation

    Layout - 5 Excellent
    Story - 5 Excellent
    Hyperlink Usage - 5 Excellent
    Call to Action - 5 Excellent
    Humor - 5 Excellent!


    PS, It is good to see another one of my online students learning the art of online publishing.

  2. Guiness is Keegan Macree's favorite was almost his name too!


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