Monday, March 19, 2007

Strange, But Almost True!

"Here's The Thing!"

On March 7, 2007, along with Pittsburgh Public School District, Get Go had a 2 hour delay due to snow conditions. Just kidding, Get Go! You dispensed my fat free French Vanilla Cappucchino right on schedule. A caffeine high five to you.

Have you tried paying a bill by phone lately? It seems certain companies like Dick's Sporting Goods charges you a fee to take YOUR money. Not very sporting of you, Dick!

My computer died. I called Staples to see if their tech could revive it. The person on the phone told me they couldn't diagnose it if I couldn't power it on. But that's the problem! Ahhhhhhh!!! In defense of Staples, phone person was not the techie - just the dummy. Perhaps I'll get the "Dream Team" on Grey's Anatomy to work on it. After all, they revived Meredith and my computer wasn't even under water.

OK, here's a PSSA math question to see if you're smarter than the average 4th grader. At 5AM, on March 7th, I shoveled my driveway of all visible white stuff. It took me 1 hour and 1 extra shower. With hands clutching the steering wheel in a death grip and hyperventilating from fear, I drove 30 plus miles to work at 5 mph. If T = D/R, how long did it take me to realize that Pittsburgh Public School District closed their doors in my freezing face? If all teachers at Weil ALA are supposed to be at work by 7:35 AM even on a 2 hour delay, couldn't the "Roads" Scholars have decided before 8:15 AM that driving was dangerous? My next car is going to be a Zamboni, snowmobile, or dog sled. Hey, I remember Sgt Preston of the Yukon. "Mush, you huskies!"

Humor me: Invest in my 402L Plan (L is for laughter).


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  1. Hello Kanela,

    Speaking of bill paying, American Express decided to express themselves with a yearly service charge of 99 dollars. Well, they also offered a free card on their website, with no yearly service charge when I went to pay the bill online. So, I thought, sign up for the free card and cancel the other card.

    After three phone calls, two of which were disconnects from their end, one of which I couldn't understand the person from Timbuktu, and after 20 minutes of navigating the voice mail system (three times), and telling my story to 6 different people, I finally got to the right person that could issue a credit back to my account, but only after I cancel the account. It should be interesting to see how they issue a credit back to an account that is closed.

    The person on the other end also offered a deep discount to keep two cards open. They said, "we can give you 50 dollars off, if you keep this card also."

    I said, "that is still 49 dollars more than I want to pay." Free sounds a lot better.

    What do you think?

    Jim West

    PS Strange marketing by American Express


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